Original prints and artists’ books will be packed by our artists following Print Solo’s guidelines. Upon purchase the artist will have specified which delivery service they will use so you know when you can expect your artwork to arrive. If you have any query please get in touch with the artist directly through our messaging system.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase Print Solo offers free returns on all items ( see our Returns and Refunds page)

Upon delivery please handle the artwork with the utmost care following our guidelines.


Please read these simple guidelines carefully before opening and handling any artwork you have bought on Print Solo. Failure to do this might result in damages to your artwork. We will not be able to refund any artwork that has been damaged because of poor handling.

When you receive an envelope, package or tube that contains a print please ensure that you have a large, clean surface where you can unpack the artwork.


For tubes: carefully slide the rolled up print out of the tube and lay it flat on a large clean surface. If it is tied with string or an elastic band don’t slide the tie out but cut it with scissors. Hold on to any protective material as it will be useful as a cradle when moving the print. Please let us know if you think that an artwork has been packed poorly.

Don’t remove any clear plastic layers until framing. Carefully unroll the artwork on the table, don’t roll it the other way round, just let the fibres of the paper “relax” naturally. If you are not framing the print straight away you can sandwich it between two sheets of heavy paper and set some weights ( books ) on the corners.

For envelopes and packages: open the flaps carefully. If you are using a letter opener or scissors take care not to damage the content. Lay the envelope or package flat on a table: take care to have enough room: at least double the size of the package/envelope.

Wash your hands and take your artwork out by sliding it carefully and keeping it flat. We ask all our artists to protect the artwork with layers of paper, cardboard and clear cellophane. Please let us know if you think that an artwork has been packed poorly.

You can remove all packaging EXCEPT clear cellophane or clear plastic sleeve until framing. It is advisable to keep a cardboard base or a strong resistant sheet of paper under the print at all times.

Always use two hands to move or lift the artwork, using only one hand might make a permanent crease in the paper. Never grab a print by the corner: it’s the most delicate part of the paper. The best way of moving a print is to lay it on a piece of cardboard or strong paper and grab the cardboard/paper instead of the print or together with it.

It is possible to survey and appreciate your print through the clear cellophane: should you remove it you are at risk of soiling the paper or mount with finger prints. In order to be eligible for a refund and to preserve your print until framing, we strongly advise not to remove the print from clear plastic. In case of a return, we will not be able to refund artworks that carry visible finger prints or creases.

In any case never touch the surface of any artwork with bare hands: use clean gloves or some white scrap paper as two small “clamps” to handle the print.


Books are made to be leafed through but they should still be handled with utmost care.

We will not be able to refund books that have been mishandled or that carry visible finger prints.

Artists will have recommendations for a correct handling as some book come in special forms.

Open and handle packets carefully, taking care not to damage the content with scissors or letter openers. Generally: only handle books with clean and dry hands, do not overstretch the spine, turn the pages delicately. Be careful with the corners as they are always the most delicate part.