Here’s our suggestions for the perfect gifts for…

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Follow the fluid, etched line by Maria Pina Bentivenga deep in her epic landscapes.

The mysterious and spiritual symbols of Brian Cohen’s Book of Emblems series will conjure up deep meanings.

Etchings by François Dupuis are very often bought by artists. They admire his dedication and intensity, as well as his draughtmanship.


With her background in landscape architecture and city planning, etchings by Vaida Varnagiene have a sense of space and design particularly appealing for architects.

The current abstract body of works by Alan Williams is comprised by a suite of etchings with coppery colours and mysterious marks that bring us back to ancient times. Nigel Morris’ woodcuts explore the relationship of text and symbol and echo old celtic runes.

The tradition of the grand American landscape finds a great expression in the intricate linocuts by William Hayes.

Both contained and vast, the landscape woodcuts by Tina Moore evoke the clear Australian sky.

No moral judgement, just a funny etching by Eugenio Guicciardi.

Bird Watcher
They will love this minute mezzotint print of a cuckoo by Georgia Peskett

Books are not only for reading, like the sculptural and textured works of leading book artists Louisa Boyd and Sally Tyrie


If they are passionate about the world of plants and flowers, they will love these delicate etchings by Laura Rios Villar.

Tell him he’s your perfect match with this lovely quirky artist book by Ruth Martin.

Is there anything more British than beautiful countryside landscape ? Light filters through the ancient oak trees or falls on a meadow in the prints by Louise Stebbing, Alexandra Buckle and Ann Burnham.

Sections from a 1952 map of Bristol are at the core of a contemporary print by Charlotte Biszewski.

Whether they like camping or glamping, they will love Sam Marshall’s etchings of a shiny vintage trailer.

Cat lover
We don’t do pretty kittens on Print Solo, so here are some feisty felines by Tim Southall.

The human figure is at the core of Helen Lavery’s and Simone Geraci’s work. In their prints figures are set in a contemporary space.


If they put their heart and soul in cooking they will love the simple ingredients of this still life etching by Jeremy Bajulaz.

Lisa Takahashi’s linocuts are favoured by all men and women who love wearing lycra and jump on their two wheels.

Assunta Genovesio is a passionate, engaging painter and printmaker. One can picture her losing herself while looking at the sky through her studio window.

Sisetta Zappone’s works are inspired by ancient anatomical atlas.

Dog Lover
A lonely dog is the protagonist of a series of prints by Meg Buick; not “a” dog, more “the” dog

The dream-like etchings by Jaco Putker take us to a world of childlike fantasy and imagination. They are sinister and playful at the same time.

Early Riser
If they love the sweet light of dawn they will love the tender light in the linocut prints by Bob Sparham.

From a family of engineers, in her prints Jenny Wiener investigates basic mechanic devices and celebrates the achievement of humanity and science.

A beautiful jewel-like monotype obtained from a dress label. Karin Bruckner has used the transformative power of the printing press to turn an everyday object into a work of art.

They would appreciate the work of engaging, uncompromising women artists such as Vicky Edwards, Sara Alonso Martinez and Aine Scannell.

Print them while they are fresh ! Rachel Ramirez works from nature specimens, gifts from the Blue Planet.

Fisherman’s Wife
One of the stunning prints by Shirley Fletcher could compensate the long suffering companion of a fishing fanatic.

Folk Lover
There’s a strong feel of folk art in all of Olga Krasanova art, perhaps an influence of her native Russia. Her simple monochrome linocuts are just lovely.

Foot Fetishist
Tomas Watson will forgive a joke on his very serious work. It’s just to make you curious and go see not only his feet study but also his other masterful etchings.

Frequent Flyer
Some of Christina France recent etchings evoke the views from a plane window, its flight paths.
A perfect gift to add some poetry to an often stressful life.


M Levittoux’s Weeds can be a fantastic gift for a keen gardener, also because they won’t leave their frame and creep outside.

Give her a bunch of joyful flowers that never wilt, like the wild flowers in this print by Diana Ashdown.

Jonathan Alexander is artist in residence at an airfield and has an enduring interest in World War II that is reflected in his contemporary abstract prints.

Interior Designer
Stylish, colourful and joyful prints by Simon Ripley and Jeremy Speck will add light to any space.

Aidan Flanagan can render to perfection the changeable light on the landscapes of his native Ireland.

An English artist who is our honorary Italian: Roy Willingham’s minute linocuts are inspired by vintage postcards of Italian towns, including Venice and Rome

Steve Edwards captures some of the most iconic views of London, particularly around the Thames.

Affected by technology, surrounded by screens, millennials will love the pop art influenced screeprints by Leo Boyd.

Movie Goer
There’s a cinematic aesthetics to Andreas Vanpoucke’s drypoint etchings: they will certainly appeal to any cinephile.

New Yorker
Mychael Barrett’s New York Map of Days has been researched to perfection to bring you 365 moments of the history of the Big Apple.

Night Owl
Inspired by the moon, the small precious monotypes by Dorothy Hanna are like a glowing jewel.
Our satellite also features in this linocut by Drusilla Cole and mezzotint by Franco Marinai.



Nordic Soul
The Scandinavian landscape lover will certainly find a perfect match in one of its two interpretations, by Juha Laakso and Ken Denning.

These layered abstract screenprints by Lynne Blackburne were made as a personal artistic response to images of neighbourhoods destroyed by bombing in Syria.

People Watcher
Watch and be watched by the intense characters in the work of leading portraitist Allan Ramsay.

Plant Lover
Maureen Nathan doesn’t do pretty flowers: she does bold, expressionistic ones that don’t even need watering.

Poetry Lover
Did you know that Jack Kerouac wrote haiku ? Valeria Brancaforte has incorporated one in her work and made it into a visual poem.


At the core of every printmaker’s practice is his printing press. Celebrate it by giving them this energetic drypoint by Leo Ragno.

While Giulio Bonatti records stark, anti-pictoresque views of his walks in Tuscany, Claire Morris-Wright includes horizons,hedges,hills and summits in her abstract maps of place and a moment in time.

There’s a timeless quality to the beautiful landscapes by Miguel Angel Oyarbide, they are romantic and atmospheric.

The engaging monotypes of Gianna Bentivenga investigate her visual world at an almost molecular level.

Sci-Fi Aficionado
Aliens land on earth in this artist book by Otto

Split Personalities

They would all enjoy this multilayered screenprint by Adam Green.

A sky full of stars often appears in the Japanese woodcuts by Mara Cozzolino.

Tantalus was condemned by the gods to suffer an unquenchable thirst, but isn’t this ever unfulfilled desire what makes us human, and alive? Tantalus is pictured in a series of prints by Irish artist Sioban Piercy.

Highly coloured linocut prints by Peter Ward will keep any surfer happy until they can plunge back in the ocean.

For them looking at colour might cause hearing music, or smelling a perfume. Here are some very colourful prints from Alison Lumb, Renata Sosinska and Rachel Clark.

Funky skeleton prints by Fernando Feijoo are the perfect gift for a riotous teenager. Art is never boring.

Umberto Giovannini went on an artistic journey throughout Argentina and produced a visual diary of this trip: it’s an artist book made of 24 woodcut that document his trip. The book takes us too on a trip as we leaf through the pages.

Tree Hugger
Anyone who loves trees and nature will enjoy having one of the beautiful and misty fine etchings by Blaze Cyan.

Find the Shakespeare-inspired grotesque impersonations of Richard III in Peter Rapp’s bestiary series.

Übercool Trendsetter
Juergen Hoeriztsch’s imagery is cool and cutting edge, and on top he is German too, so “in” right now. Check out his mysterious and puzzling etchings.

Wandering Soul
The small, spiritual monotypes made by Christine Morro while contemplating Sagg Pond in US and the Sierra Nevada in Spain can enchant any poetic soul.


Only Kate Bush could provide a word for the quiet winter scene in Marie-Louise Martin’s etchings. For anyone who gets excited at the first snow flakes.

Wildlife lover
What do you do if your house is taken over by wildlife ? If you are a printmaker, like Sarah Rogers, you make a series of prints !


Look through memory, long lost people and places in the ethereal photopolymer etchings by Jad Oakes.

Don’t forget about you. You can find sheer delight in these finest wood engravings by Neil Bousfield. Or any of the beautiful prints on the website !