What is Print Solo?

Print Solo is a new online platform where artists can show and sell their work.

What can I sell on Print Solo?

You can sell original prints made using any technique, and also artists’ books.

What is an original print ?

An original print is a work of art created by working on a matrix. Photographs or reproductions ( including giclee prints) of existing works of art such as drawings and paintings are not eligible for sale on Print Solo.

What kind of artist’s book can I sell ?

Artists books on Print Solo should be made mainly of printed pages and it should be possible to make them into editions or variable editions even if they were in fact made in only one copy.

Sketchbooks or books written by hand with minimal hand-printing work are not eligible for sale on Print Solo.

Who can sell on Print Solo?

All our printmakers are professional artists who have a strong history of exhibitions and awards. We have specific criteria to select artists who can sell on the platform. Please look at our Artist Requirement page for details. If you meet those criteria you can apply.

Is there a joining fee?

There is absolutely no joining fee; in case of a sale Print Solo will collect a 28% commission on the price, excluding shipping + some administrative costs. For national sales administrative costs are 1.9%+20p per transaction. For international sales involving supported currencies ( GBP, USD and Euro) the administrative costs are 2.9%+20p per transaction. For international transactions involving unsupported currencies costs are 2.9%+20p + 2%.

I don’t speak English very well. Can I still sell on Print Solo?

If you are speak French, Italian or Spanish and you are not very confident of managing your profile and completing the sales administration, for a small fee we are happy to help you write your profile, assist you with the paperwork for sales, and help you communicate with customers using our message service. However you do need at least a basic knowledge of English.

How many works can I upload for sale on Print Solo ?

Each personal gallery page can only display 9 works at a time. We encourage our artists to rotate their artworks frequently so that collectors can find new work when they visit.

How does the selling process work?

Each artist needs to set up an account with our secure certified payment system: Stripe. Whe you make a sale the buyer pays the price you have set with the shipping cost added on top, using our secure system. Then the amount is split between the artist and Print Solo. Print Solo will collect its 28% commission. Stripe will collect its fees ( specified above) and the rest will go to your account on Stripe. You will receive a notification with all the buyer’s details. You need to pack the item following our shipping guidelines and send the item to the buyer within seven days. You can retrieve your money from Stripe as you prefer ( daily, weekly, etc.)

What happens in case the buyer is not satisfied?

Once the buyer has received the package they have fourteen days to ask for a refund. A refund is only guaranteed if the artwork has been properly handled and not taken out of its clear plastic protective sleeve. Items with fingerprints or creases due to mishandling are not refundable.

The buyer will send back the artwork to the artist in its original packaging; if eligible, a refund of all costs, including shipping, will be granted within seven days upon receipt of the item. Each refund request will be processed individually to the satisfaction of all the parties involved.