Are you interested in selling on Print Solo ? Please read thoroughly before applying:


Print Solo’s mission is to showcase, promote and sell the best of international printmaking. Print Solo is only for selling original fine art prints and artists’ books; sellers are not permitted to upload any other type of artwork that does not belong to these categories.


Print Solo only sells artworks that have been printed by the artist independently or in collaboration with a technician. Prints that have been editioned by a printing studio without the presence of the artist are not eligible for sale on Print Solo.

Print Solo is focussing on the hand-made aspect of original prints. For this reason, although we fully accept that digital prints are by all means original, we only accept prints made with digital techniques when these are used in combination with traditional techniques, or are made by a printmaker who also offers works produced in traditional techniques. Similar criteria are applied to prints produced with hybrid photographic techniques.

If there is any doubt, please contact us on to ask if an item is eligible.


Print Solo is reserved for established fine artists. There are many websites where emerging artists can sell their work: Print Solo represents an opportunity for professional fine artists/printmakers, with a consistent body of work, to sell in a curated space.

Print Solo currently implements Stripe as our online payment system. Regrettably we are not yet able to accept artists from nations that are not supported by Stripe. Before applying, please check that you are resident in one of the countries from this list.

For your application to be considered, you need to meet at least three of the following criteria:


  • Have a degree or diploma from a recognised art college or university
  • Have had solo exhibitions in a recognised gallery or exhibition space
  • Have participated in exhibitions/ visual art events selected by a jury or panel with professional artists or recognised curators involved
  • Work that has been purchased by Government, Local authority, Museum or Corporate Client
  • Work that has been written about in a recognised magazine or online media by serious critic/art writer.
  • Have been awarded a bursary, residency, materials grant or other type of grant by a professional funding body
  • Teach in a recognised institution

Print Solo is a digital only gallery, hence it is important that artists who apply have a minimum level of dexterity with computers, have their own website and are active on internet through social networks. Artists will need to be responsive when contacted via email or through messaging systems.


If you meet these minimum requirements, submit your CV, and your website URL or some images of your work in an email to


Your application will be reviewed by Print Solo, and at least one other printmaker on the site who works with the same technique/s. You will be notified in a few days time whether your application was successful.


In exceptional cases we will consider applications by artists who do not meet these criteria if they are recommended by another artist who sells on Print Solo.